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The Beginning

Everyone starts somewhere, at any age at anytime life can change and for the better.  For many years my goal from the beginning was to eventually teach.  I learned my skills from the great and respectable teacher, Mr. Eddie "Champ" Hall!  I attended Champs Barber school in Lancaster, PA.  as I watched, observed and learned the art of barbering I admired his way of teaching.  Not only was I becoming a barber I was learning the ways of the business. 


10 years ago I moved to Texas and started all over, no clients, and only knew a few people.  I had owned 2 shops in Pennsylvania and was successful, but decided there was better opportunity in north Dallas for growth.  I started in this shopping center in a suite.  I would sometimes only cut 2 people a day, but I worked hard, I was patient, and I went out and got customers, I have still till this day. From putting my own flyers on cars at Walmart, to every time I was in a store or mall or gas station starting a conversation with a stranger and building my clientele.  After a few years I opened up a small barbershop in the same center. For 5 years I grew more and more to the point that I outgrew that space.  I then expanded and  my dream of opening up a school was accomplished.  Many blessings have come because I was determined.  Anything is possible when you work hard for it. 


Let me teach you the old school ways with new trends.  Will the right mindset, you will be able to  accomplish your dreams,  My mission is that my students will leave here already set for success.

Tony Leon



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